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TweetNest - a powerful Twitter growth tool that helps users expand their Twitter following and build their accounts into profitable businesses. With real likes, comments, and retweets from similar accounts, It provide a fast and effective way to gain followers and monetize your account.

We were introduced to the project that was already in production with the active audience of 5000+ active users with the request to support existing development team.

Application was built using Webflow as an easy-customizable front-end allowing non-tech users to make edits and Express/Node.js back-end that is handling all the business logic. To support setup integrations and to provide seamless way of communication it was decided to use Zeplin integration system that also allowed us to configure external services and configure automations.


Stabilization and optimization

As a team, our main objectives in joining this software development project were to tackle some key challenges while maintaining a professional and easy-going approach. We aimed to reduce the number of bugs that users encountered during the main scenarios, eliminate the frustrating downtimes users experienced throughout the day, improve the existing UI/UX of the site by addressing major points of user inconvenience, and enhance existing features while also developing new ones.

To tackle these challenges effectively, we began by assessing the existing architecture and integrations. We discovered several significant bottlenecks within the current setup and implemented improvements by utilizing custom development on the Webflow platform. We also made the strategic decision to separate the existing monolith back-end into distinct main CRUD and support services.

This approach allowed us to prioritize functionality and streamline the overall performance of the system, ensuring that users could rely on a more efficient and reliable experience. By addressing these challenges head-on, we aimed to create a platform that not only met the high standards of its users but also provided a delightful and seamless experience.


Communication is the key!

Throughout the project, we prioritized maintaining a positive and proactive approach, creating a delightful collaboration between our team and the client. In addition to successfully completing the project, our aim was to cultivate a favorable and enjoyable work environment.

Through efficient daily reporting and synchronous communication channels, we made sure that all stakeholders could easily comprehend and engage with the project.

Our emphasis on prompt bug resolution through a high-response support channel not only ensured application stability and satisfied existing users but also helped regain the trust of users who had previously encountered issues.

Dedicated team
Full-stack development
Outstaff developers
Quality Assurance
Product Manager
Dedicated team
Full-stack development
Outstaff developers
Quality Assurance
Product Manager
Client Reviews

Amazing team, very happy. Great communication and highly skilled workers.

What is the outcome of your work? Show that your work is result-focused.

Leaving the project we achieved our plan in stabilizing the application and providing great user experience for the existing clients base.

That opened possibilities for the application to grow and gain new clients making it more attractive for the end-user.

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