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Website and desktop application development for #1 PvE World of Warcraft Add-on



Product provides a website and companion desktop application primarily known for serving the World of Warcraft (WoW) gaming community. The website offers extensive data and tools related to WoW's player-versus-environment (PvE) content, especially Mythic+ dungeons and raids.

The main features of the website include:

Player and Guild Rankings: It provides rankings for players and guilds based on their performance in Mythic+ dungeons and raids. These rankings are a widely recognized measure of skill in the WoW community.

Mythic+ Dungeon Scores and Leaderboards: Raider.io developed a scoring system to rank players based on their performance in Mythic+ dungeons. This system is widely used by the community to gauge player ability.

Character Profiles: Players can view detailed profiles of their characters, including their gear, achievements, raid progress, and Mythic+ scores.

Guild Profiles and Recruitment: Guilds can showcase their achievements and recruit new members through the website.

The Raider.io desktop application complements the website by offering additional functionalities:

In-Game Integration: The application integrates with WoW, providing real-time data and scores within the game interface.

Automatic Updates: It regularly updates player and guild data to ensure that rankings and scores are current.

Addon Management: The application can manage and update other WoW addons, making it a versatile tool for players.

Overall, platform is a valuable resource for WoW players looking to track their PvE progress, compare themselves with others, and connect with the community. Its combination of a comprehensive website and a handy desktop application makes it a go-to platform for many in the WoW community.

Electron desktop application
Millions of users

As an outstaff agency, we took on the challenge of joining this software development project with the objective of helping the existing team tackle their backlog and resolve any existing bugs. Our client's main goal was to speed up the development process and allow the team to focus on different aspects of the project.

When we first joined the project, our team was tasked with supporting the existing development team. Our developer was assigned the following responsibilities:

  1. Making necessary edits to the existing electron application.
  2. Fixing any bugs within the React.JS portion of the application.
  3. Addressing any bugs within the Node.JS back-end part of the application.

We approached these tasks with a professional mindset, ensuring that we understood the objectives and requirements of the project. However, we also maintained an easy-going and positive attitude throughout the process, fostering good vibes within the team.

By working closely with the existing team, we were able to successfully handle the assigned tasks and contribute to the project's progress. Together, we made the complex seem feasible and ensured that the development process continued smoothly.


No time to talk!

At our outstaff agency, we understand the importance of seamless communication and reporting in software development projects. Despite our team being located in different parts of the world with an 8-hour time difference, we have implemented a project methodology that ensures effective collaboration and brings numerous benefits to our clients.

During the onboarding phase, we proactively adjusted our schedules to align with our clients' timezones. This allowed us to have regular daily calls and even ad-hoc calls during overlapping hours, ensuring immediate support and continuous text communication.

As we became more familiar and confident with the project, we made the transition to weekly meetings with our clients. This decision not only maintained a strong communication channel but also respected everyone's convenience, improving overall efficiency.

To ensure consistent communication, we implemented daily reporting. We pay attention to even the smallest details and ask all relevant questions, allowing us to anticipate potential inquiries and provide thorough answers. This approach has helped us develop the valuable skill of thinking ahead in conversations, leading to better collaboration and happier clients.

By prioritizing seamless communication and employing our effective project methodology, we are able to bring immense value to our clients' software development projects.

Dedicated team
Full-stack development
Outstaff developers
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Dedicated team
Full-stack development
Outstaff developers
Quality Assurance
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